Message of responsibility regarding the present situation...


Message of responsibility regarding the present situation...

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Οur services, such as 24-hour direct product deliveries throughout Greece, same day delivery in Attica upon request, and any communication or information regarding them, are still carried out in strict compliance with the strictest hygiene rules!

We would like to inform you that ACS Pickup Stores remain open for the delivery of goods, as well as the immediate delivery of goods delivered at the entrance of the apartment!

Necessary measures have been taken to avoid overcrowding at the receiving shops, where the maximum number of persons allowed inside the store is 2 and the distance of 2 meters between customers and employees is respected. Waiting outside the store.

At the same time, cleanings and disinfections are scheduled on a daily basis in our area!

We would like to thank you in particular for your understanding of these difficult and unprecedented times of this period.
For our part, with optimism, determination and a big bright smile, we always stand by you while continuing to offer you high quality services, always with complete discretion, calmness and responsibility, suggesting creative ways to take advantage of your free time at home. #OrderOnlineOla4u

For more information do not hesitate to contact us!

Yours sincerely,
The Ola4U team
Telephone: 210-6754958
3str, Grigoriou Xenopoulou,
Neo Psychiko, 15451,
Athens, 1st floor.

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