Butterfly Vibrators

Butterfly Vibrators

Butterfly vibrators have as their main attribute the clitoral stimulation and usually have a waist belt so that it can be worn as underwear and remain stationary in place without the use of hands. Simply adjust the butterfly onto the clitoris, tighten the straps so it remains firm in place, turn on the vibration and enjoy the ultimate stimulation and satisfaction!


Φίλτρα Εκκαθάριση όλων

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  • €12.00 - €170.00


Length (cm):

  • 6cm - 8cm

Diameter (cm):

  • 2cm - 3cm



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Butterfly Stimulator

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Butterfly Stimulator

Guaranteed to bring you the most mind-blowing orgasm ever, every time! Strap this device over your vagina and with variable speed control the entire area will be stimulated.

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