What is the difference between realistic vibrators and how do I choose mine?

Realistic vibrators are one of the most popular categories in sex toys and have the look and shape of a realistic cock unlike other vibrators in order to offer a highly enjoyable and realistic experience.

All you have to do is choose the dimensions of the vibrator you want, the construction material and an erotic lubricant for even greater pleasure.

Through the vibration you will surely discover new horizons and experiences that are guaranteed to cover your every fantasy.

At Sex Shop Ola4U you will find a wide variety of realistic vibrating penis models from the most well-known brands worldwide, ensuring quality as well as safety in sex play!


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  • 7cm - 26cm

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  • 2cm - 6cm



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Master Series | 10X Thrust Master Vibrating and Thrusting...

Regular price 224.90 Price 169.90 €

Master Series | 10X Thrust Master Vibrating and Thrusting Dildo with Handle

Enjoy the deep hitting thrills of the Thrust Master! This dildo is designed for ultra-powerful thrusts and vibes to satisfy your every need!

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Showing 1-12 of 63 item(s)