How to choose the best Sex Toy - Vibrator for my needs!

Some information that will allow you to know your needs and inform you about the most basic Sex Aids - Sex Toys & Vibrators. They are divided into many and varied categories while they can cover every desire and fantasy!

7 Tips for the Ultimate Women Masturbation

Discover your G-spot! When you're in the mood for sex toys, start exploring and you won't regret it! The G spot is located on the upper wall of the vagina, at a depth of about 5 centimeters although the distance varies from woman to woman. When you are aroused, the spot swells and can cause a faster and more intense orgasm.

Exercises and information for penis enlargement

About 75% of men wish they had bigger penises. Perhaps they do not know that the female vagina has an adaptive capacity and as the experts assure, size does not always count. If you still want to try to improve it in order to feel better, there are ways!

Sex Chip

An electronic "sex chip" that causes arousal and adapts to the brain has been developed by Oxford University scientists. The "sex chip", as it has been called, will stimulate an area of the cerebral cortex, just behind the eyes, which is associated with feelings of pleasure from sex and food...

Pulsators by Fun Factory

Get ready for an explosion of sensations! We are the first in Greece to present to you the absolute innovation and creation of a new category of vibrators called "Pulsators" by Fun Factory which simulates the strong back and forth movement we make during sex.

Different usage of Sex Toys

Προεκτάσεις πέους για προστασία του πατώματος, χειροπέδες στις κουρτίνες ή πρωκτική σφήνα για το κρασί; Αν υπάρχει διάθεση και δημιουργικότητα, τα sex toys μπορούν να παίξουν πολλούς ρόλους. Ακόμα και μακριά από το κρεβάτι!

Female brain, sperm and sex

An international research team has highlighted a very interesting mechanism connecting the female brain and the sexual act! Scientists have discovered a protein that is contained in the sperm and affects the brain function of the female mammal, so that it induces ovulation...
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